Service & Maintenance

We provide 24 hour Service 365 days per year.

  • Prioritised Faults Service
  • Centralised faults co-ordination and response
  • 24 hour on call technicians
  • Remote system dialup capability for diagnosis and service
  • Full spares backup maintained in our store

Our services include full design and build projects as well as consultant and customer scoped solutions.

Service & Maintenance

Access Security and Control provides Planned Preventative Maintenance to our customers.

This includes:

  • Walk testing of all PIR Detectors, reed switches and other devices
  • Testing of all alarm points
  • Testing through the management software
  • Cleaning of control panels, equipment and cameras
  • Load testing of system backup batteries
  • Backing up of system configuration
  • Testing of all equipment in simulated operation

Planned Preventative Maintenance

A Planned Preventative Maintenance programme helps to:

  • Ensure that your security systems will operate as designed.
  • Reduce failures outside business hours
  • Ensures certainty of system operability

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