Oil Refinery

Oil Refinery required to increase their security at the main gates.

The existing entrance had barrier arms for vehicular entry and exit and flat barriers for pedestrian control.

The requirement was to raise the security level to high security and they were interested in bi-folding gates. Access Security and Control researched the equipment available and imported three high-speed bi-folding gates from Europe. These gates utilise motors that drive all four leaves. Most importantly they open and close quickly and safely and there is no danger of a person or vehicle being caught or squashed. The gate systems use photo-beams and two safety ground loops for each gate.

For pedestrian control Access Security & Control imported two double full height bi-directional turnstiles manufactured in 316-grade stainless steel.

These systems were designed to complement the Refinery’s access control and muster system so that staff are counted onto and off the site through the gates and the turnstiles.

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