Aiphone Intercom

Audio and video intercoms are used to allow visitors through electronically locked gates or doors. When a person is at the entry point they press a button on the Video Entry Unit (which has an enclosed camera). The master internal station is now alerted and then initiates a discussion with the visitor at the front door. If the Operator is satisfied that the request to enter is bonefide they then press a button on the master Handset which in turn releases the electronic lock on the door or gate and allows the visitor to enter.

We supply and install most intercom systems, from single-gate stations for after-hours entry, to intercoms that control pedestrian access to apartments and help-phones on campuses.


We supply and install a range of Aiphone Intercoms (both audio and visual).

Features and Benefits

  • Open voice communication
  • Push-to-talk at master, hands free at remote
  • LE sub stations: either door station or room sub station
  • Voice volume control
  • Selective calling from any master with hands-free reply
  • A variety of master and sub master stations are available
  • Weather-resistant door stations (any number) with selective door release
  • System options: Pan Tilt door/monitor(s), All Call/Music/Chime
Telephone System

Telephone Systems

We supply and install the Entrafone Telephone Entry Systems

Other Entry Systems

We can supply an entry system suitable for every site. Gates can be opened with remotes and pedestrian gates released where by keypads, remotes or cards as required. For example we can supply a four-button remote that will open a pedestrian gate, an automated gate a front door and a roller grille.

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