Inner Range - Concept and Integriti Alarm and Access Control

 The Concept 3000 and 4000 is an integrated panel controlling alarm, access control and CCTV. The central controller communicates down the LAN with a series of door controllers. The Concept has been in New Zealand many years but the 3000 was introduced in 1996, and the 4000, which is a refinement, a couple of years later.

The system is a single integrated access control and alarm monitoring system. The system shall also provide integrated control of lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and other custom applications as required.

The system is of a modular hardware design allowing for detection and control devices to be connected to system modules within their immediate vicinity. The system provides for expansion and modification of the system to meet future requirements.

The LAN provides for a minimum of 1500 metres of LAN cabling and/or 64 remote modules to be installed without requiring additional hardware. LAN Isolation/Repeater equipment is available to allow LAN cabling distances to be extended up to 6.0km on twisted pair cable and/or up to 10km on Optical Fibre.

Each detection device is connected to a separate Zone Input for individual monitoring and reporting unless otherwise stated.

Communications between the control module and remote modules is via a dedicated and secure monitored RS485 LAN. Enabling encryption causes the control module to generate a random encryption key that is immediately broadcast to all remote Modules. If a Module is powered down, its record of the current encryption key is erased. The control module continuously monitors all remote modules for off-line condition via a supervisory time report system.

The LAN is able to support up to 2000 metres of LAN cabling and/or 64 remote Modules using the specified cable.

The system control module is a dedicated microprocessor based module with dynamic and non-volatile memory and upgradeable built-in operating firmware and can store 300 events in review memory.

Touch screen terminals are of a modern design comprising a slimline housing with a contemporary graphical interface. Touch screen terminals provide a full-colour graphical display measuring 240 by 320 pixels for displaying status, alarms, review, system events and response to user commands.

Door access modules can be installed remotely on the system LAN in suitable locations for decentralised connection of readers, electric locks, door monitoring devices, card and door status. The system is capable of controlling and monitoring up to 240 Doors.

An intelligent four-door controller is capable of controlling 2 Doors with IN and OUT Readers without requiring any additional Reader interface hardware to be fitted.

The management PC based head end software is called Insight and is multiple panel, multiple client, allowing connection by direct connection, RS232, TCP/IP network or PTSN modem. In practical terms this means that the system is capable of supporting multiple client workstations for managing panels configurations and for monitoring the whole system.

Insight has fully integrated Photo ID with card design and image capture features. There is also Time and Attendance reporting available on request.

The Insight software has a client/server architecture. Every installation should include one server, which holds the main system database. One or more computers can then run the client software, which presents a user interface to users of the software.

The system permits connections to multiple control modules simultaneously. Control modules can be connected using a variety of media including serial, direct, dial-up and TCP/IP. If multiple connection paths are enabled, then the system will choose the best available path.

The system can be installed on a single workstation if required.

Communications between the front-end Server and front-end Clients is encrypted with Blowfish 128-bit encryption. Communications between the front-end Server and control modules are encrypted with Rijndael 128-bit encryption.

The system stores all information in an SQL relational database and this is accessed with SQL queries. The server will access the database engine via an industry-standard ODBC connection. The database supports referential integrity.

The software allows a user photograph to be stored with each user. (The photograph is stored in the database along with the other user fields.) The system can be configured to pop-up a user’s photograph in response to a definable event occurring (for example, if the user badges at a particular reader). The system allows operators to capture user photographs directly from WIA-compliant imaging device such as digital cameras, web cams and scanners.

Photo ID is an optional module and this allows operators to define custom ID cards using a graphical user interface.

Schematics allow operators to import maps in a variety of image formats and these include JPEG BMP TIFF and PNG files. Once imported, blueprints are scalable to any arbitrary size.

The software allows operators to create drill-downs. Drill-downs are navigational hotspots that switch between different maps or blueprints. Clicking a building could open a blueprint for that building. Any number of drill-downs can be placed on a map. Areas Inputs Doors Lift floors can al be added to a floor plan if required.

Concept DVR Integration with Insight is an optional module

The system provides integration with the Baxall, Dedicated Micros and the Pacom PDR 16 DVRs. The operator is able to view live and recorded camera images directly within the software. Operators can control PTZ cameras. The software allows operators to remotely control any PTZ cameras. This includes pan, tilt, zoom, focus and iris. If a camera has stored PTZ camera presets (pre-saved combinations of the above parameters) then Operators is able to activate these presets from within the software.

The system permits messages to be sent over Email, SMS and Pagers.

The system provides pre-defined report templates and once generated, reports can be exported as formatted HTML or unformatted text and can be printed at any time.

Muster Reports is an optional module

The system allows operators to generate muster reports summarising user activity over the preceding 24 hours from the report date. Muster reports can be grouped by access point, by area or by date.

A Time On Site report can be exported to a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file readable by Excel® and other software. The Operator can choose which fields are exported, and in what order. The exported data includes employee code, item code, quantity and rate. The system supports multiple Operator Types. Permissions can be applied to specific items.

The Concept is under constant and on-going development and there are a myriad of products and software add-ons available. The system is modular and can easily be expanded at a later date.

Access Security & Control is a member of the Concept CDN (Concept Dealer Network) and the product is widely installed across New Zealand. To be a member of this association you have to have at least one member of your staff factory trained.

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