Traffic Barriers


The perfect cost effective solution for light duty use

Ideal for sites with light traffic flow where non-paying access is required

  • Office car parks
  • Factory car parks
  • Hotel car parks

Advantages of traffic barrier Units

  • Compact and slim profile in powder coated or stainless steel as requested
  • Unobtrusive and very easy to site
  • All options have operating cycle time of 5 seconds
  • Various models with pole lengths from 3m to 5m
  • Wide variety of remote access control and safety options – can be operated by keypad, smart card or biometrics
  • Colour can be specified to meet requirements

Total flexibility in defining your traffic management

All our traffic barriers are designed to operate without gearboxes – the motor simply reverses. This means that they have very few moving parts and are extremely reliable. All traffic barriers are supplied with a logic controller that accommodates a ground safety loop as standard so that it is not possible for a barrier arm to come down on a vehicle.

The traffic barriers can simply be bolted down to any concrete pad so they are simple and easy to install. If barrier arm length extends beyond five metres we recommend a cradle to accommodate the arm in the horizontal position.

Lower Curtains

  • Improve visibility of the barrier
  • Increase the effectiveness in deterring entry

Barrier signs and lights

  • All Barriers can be fitted with a stop sign to improve visibility
  • Normally fitted above the barrier to avoid interfering with safety edge, the standard disc measures 400mm x 400mm
  • In turn, the stop disc can have a red light to aid visibility in darkness or fog
  • Other signs are available such a No Entry and Exit Only

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