High Speed Bi-Folding Gates

Hi-Speed Bifolding Gates at Marsden Point

High security vehicle and pedestrian access control

Bi-Folding Fastgates are the ideal answer for areas where high security is a main concern, and speed of opening and closing is critical. The bi-folding action serves to provide a very high speed of operation. This may be important to minimize waiting times for people or cars passing through, or to ensure that security is not compromised. The imposing appearance forms an effective and impressive entry/exit barrier.

High Speed operation

The high-speed bi-folds open and close within 2-4 seconds depending upon size. Standard speed is one meter per second.

Robust construction for effective security

Gates are built entirely of steel cut on high precision CNC controlled plasma cutting machine.

Safety in use

  • Electronic safety devices ensure that pedestrians cannot be trapped or injured
  • Safety photocell as standard, safety edges optional.
  • Each unit is manufactured to meet the individual project specification so that any entry can be perfectly sealed, up to a maximum internal width of seven metres.

All Automated gates

There are a variety of ways of controlling the gate operation

Almost all of the gate operators are supplied with a radio receiver and are RF ready and enabled.

Virtually any control method is possible – keypad, smart card or biometric reader

Galvanising is standard with a powder coating or painted option as required

Additional deterrents are possible on the top edge of the gate if required.

In the event of an emergency power failure an easy to use manual override is fitted to all automated gates.

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