Residential Gates

Slide Gate - Before Installation

Before Installation

Slide Gate - After Installation

After Installation

Automatic gate systems need to be carefully planned and expertly installed to ensure they will give you very many years of reliable service under all weather conditions.

Our systems can be fitted to existing gates or new gates. They can swing, slide and have one or more leafs with activation equipment fitted to the gate

System design

Is the main concern control or protection, traffic/parking abuse, convenience, privacy, safety, investment etc.? The reason for purchase has major implications upon the design of the system and its associated controls.

Equipment selection

Is appearance a major consideration or is ruggedness an overriding factor? How much will the system be used and by whom - a few individuals or multiple users? Usage considerations affect the type of operators and the choice of associated control and safety systems.

Individual site considerations

Are there any special considerations? For example site wind resistance might affect performance or in some areas vandalism can be a problem.

Safety and reliability

We sell all types of residential gates – swing and sliding. We also have expertise in gate design.

Swing gate Operators

We have a range of swing gate operators that cater for every gate length, weight, number of operations and desired speed.

Swing Gate System

Model No Size Cycle Power Usage  
TW200 Up to 2.5 metre leaves and 200kg 15% duty cycle Single Phase supply Residential
TWXL Up to 5.0 metre leaves and 500kg 22 movements/hr Single phase supply Light commercial  
JR300 Up to 3.0 metre leaves and 250kg 40% Duty cycle Single Phase supply Light commercial
PR500 Up to 5.0 metre leaves and 300kg 40% Duty Cycle Single Phase supply Commercial
Swing Gate - 'Twist' TW200 Swing Gate - 'Junior' JR300 Swing Gate - 'Power' PR500

Swing Gate Operators

We have a range of PLC controlled swing gate operators designed for industrial use.

These operators all have a 100% duty cycle

Model No Size Cycle Power Operation
AT Series 200 Up to 4.0 metre leaves and 400Kg 100% Duty Cycle 180 watt Single Phase supply Three Phase in operation
AT Series 400 Up to 6.0 metre leaves and 500Kg 100% Duty Cycle 370 watt Single Phase supply Three Phase in operation

Wrought Iron Gate

Wrought Iron Gate

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