B Pay Corporate and Enterprise Finger Reader Payroll systems

Our B Pay SQL Based Finger Reader Payroll system utilises the latest SQL database technology, advanced job costing, rostering and employee time tracking. With a built in award interpreter that is the most flexible available today, this is capable of calculating virtually any set of work rules. In addition the built in scripting engine enables the system to take any database field or value and modify the way the result is calculated or adjusted based on employee working conditions or rules. All this occurs in real time.

Payroll Interfaces

There are over 45 different payroll and human resource packages available.

This allows companies to replace the manual entry of pay records into the payroll software each pay period with an automated electronic interface that seamlessly transfers the data from one system to another. In addition B Pay can also import and export concurrently meaning that while you can import pay records you also can import other relevant data from the payroll software.

Our Pay Software enables your company to:

  • Export Data from the system software to other Payroll packages
  • Import employee’s records and details
  • Update entitlements or accrual banks
  • Export Employee records and details
  • Communicate with over 45 different payrolls available both in Australia and around the world
  • Allow for post processing and interrogation of data before transferring data to payroll application
  • Easily configure changes by users without specific training required
  • Obtain a cost effective solution that provides you a rapid return and saves you money.

Easy to use monitoring of staff attendance quickly saves vital management time, reduces administration costs and gives your business a new competitive edge.

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