Residential Alarms

Thieves are usually looking for jewellery, computers, electronic products such as stereos & TV’s and sports equipment and tools.

You should work out what needs to be protected by walking around the outside of your house. Take note of any points where an intruder could gain access to your house. Are you principally trying to protect yourselves while you are sleeping or your property while you are away?

An alarm sensor covering high value areas or the traffic route leading to these areas is usually the solution you are looking for.

We also offer wireless remotes to allow you to arm and disarm your alarm system from outside the house in your vehicle. You may also arm one part of the house at nighttime while you sleep and you may choose to install an emergency panic button in the bedroom. The wireless remotes have additional buttons and you can use one button for the front door, the second button for the alarm system, the third button for the sliding gate and the fourth button for the garage roller door.


The principal causes of alarm activations are pets, spiders, birds, mice, low battery, and sunlight.  Modern alarm systems are extremely reliable  and quality PIR sensors and professional installation will ensure peace of mind.  False alarms are very rare in a modern alarm.

Remote alarm monitoring

If your home is often unattended during the day when the family are at work and school or when you go away at weekends, then remote monitoring is essential. You can then leave knowing that the monitoring station is watching over your home.

The monitoring station is also alerted to power failures and low battery and smoke detector activations.

Smoke Detectors

Because smoke detectors are always configured to be working 24 hours a day the external siren will immediately sound if there is smoke or a fire.

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