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For total security, it’s crucial that your system is being constantly monitored twenty-four hours a day. Alarm monitoring gives you additional peace of mind as well as a rapid response to any intrusion.

We are equipped with the very latest technology and work to cover you twenty-four hours of every day. Your intruder alarm system is permanently and directly linked to the monitoring operators via your telephone line or GSM connection. Our systems can also monitor other security sensors you may have installed, including water detectors, smoke alarms, temperature sensors, point-to-point beams, seismic detectors and door reeds.


This is traditional monitoring with personal telephone contact.Response Alarm Monitoring


  1. RESPONSE CRITICAL – the customer is only contacted when the system is set and there is an activation, system malfunction, or other critical signals. The setting of the system rests entirely with the client. This is known as Activation – Unscheduled Open/Close and is the traditional form of remote monitoring normally used in residences. The cost is $22.00 plus GST per month.
  2. RESPONSE BUSINESS – The customer is contacted when the system is set and there is an activation. The customer is also contacted after a certain time at night if the system has not been set. This gives the client the assurance that their alarm is set by a certain time, each night. It is then the customer’s responsibility to action and set their alarm, as the call is once only per day. This is known as Activation – Unscheduled Open, Scheduled Close. The cost is $24.00 plus GST per month.
  3. RESPONSE PREMIUM – This is for high security customers where a high degree of surveillance is required. This is also known as Activation – Fully Scheduled, Open/Close. This service can be tailored to the client’s need hence the pricing is dependant on the level of service.

Additional Areas

If there is more than one area (or partition) there is an additional charge of $4.00 plus GST for each area, including the main account. Hence if the upstairs is armed separately from the downstairs this is considered to be two areas.


TXT-RESPONSE is a state of the art digital application that allows your home or business alarm system information to be sent direct to you or your guard service via current cellular technology. Your TXT-RESPONSE alarm information is available immediately on your cell phone.

We can transmit this information on both the Telecom (CDMA) and Vodafone (GSM) networks, and both simultaneously.

Depending on your chosen service plan TXT-RESPONSE may provide you with some or all of the following information

  1. Alerts you when your alarm system has been set or unset.
  2. Alerts you if the alarm has been activated.
  3. Alerts you when your alarm system is still unset by a certain time.
  4. Alerts you if the system is unset outside designated times.
  5. Alerts you if the system is experiencing troubles such as a low battery or mains failure.


  • Is the fastest possible monitoring to client and or guard service available.
  • Provides a record of events that is logged on your cell phone for later reference.
  • Will alert the persons of your choice to receive your security information.
  • Is a secure and confidential service.
  • Gives you the control by allowing you to decide on the action that suits you.
  • Is affordable, accurate and alerts you in plain English.

The Text Alarm Monitoring Service has the ability to transmit notification of alarm sets and un-sets as a text message to nominated (and multiple) mobile phones. This text will have the exact time and date of the set or unset. It does not matter whether your mobiles are GSM or Telecom (CDMA) mobiles.

In this monitoring set-up the alarm panel can also transmit trouble signals to our electronic security service division, so that we can attend to any problems as they arise. With the TXT-RESPONSE PROFESSIONAL plan, the monitoring station can also generate an email report for the alarm panel for the week.

The outstanding feature of these text messages is that, unlike telephone calls, if they are missed at the time of transmission, they are not lost.

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