GSM Alarm Panels

These are fantastic where there is no access to phone lines but there is, cellphone coverage.  For example in yachts, launches, baches with no permanent phone.

GSM Alarm Backup

GSM alarm backup increases the level of security and redundancy of the reporting of events to the monitoring station and/or to your own mobile telephone.

The GSM backup device has a cellular dialler and provides an alternate path for the dialler to report alarm signals in case the phone line is faulty or disconnected.

The alarm signal is sent via the GSM network. Alarm messages will continue to be sent via the GSM network until the PSTN phone line is restored, enabling continued monitoring and communications.

GSM alarm backup may be used with any alarm system.

GSM Alarms as sole alarm systems

GSM Alarms are excellent solutions for sites where there is no telephone. These GSM systems are ideal for boats on moorings and for remote locations.  We can route the call to the monitoring station or to your own mobile phone or to multiple mobile numbers.

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