Commercial Alarms

Many alarm systems incorporate other devices, such as water detectors, temperature sensors, point-to-point beams, seismic detectors and reed switches (door movement switches) into the system.

Alarm systems in commercial buildings often have the alarm system integrated with the access control system and even building management. Most commercial sites are monitored remotely at an offsite monitoring company.

A commercial alarm system will detect unauthorised intrusion into the protected premises or part of the premises and the objective is to provide a deterrent and summon assistance by sounding an audible alarm at the premises or, more effectively, by alerting a central monitoring station of the intrusion.

Types of detection devices

  • Passive Infra-Red (PIR) is the most successful detection technology, providing the most economical means of intrusion detection. Modern PIRs are highly stable and effective detection technology.
  • Dual Technology detectors combine the stability of a PIR with the complimentary technology of a microwave detector.
  • Reed Switches are magnetic switches used to detect the opening of doors and windows and are highly effective in providing 'perimeter' protection.
  • Audio Glass break detectors sense the unique frequency of breaking glass and are most effective way of protecting glass which is not obscured by curtains.
  • Vibration Sensors and Glass Break sensors are used to detect glass breakage and can also be set up to detect the forcing of doors and windows.
  • Photoelectric Beams are used to provide line of sight protection across a fixed path. Most commonly used outdoors to provide 'perimeter' protection.
  • Smoke Detectors are used to detect the presence of smoke particles in the air.

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