Access Control

Access Control Pedestal

Controlling movement through doors, turnstiles and gates, and access to PCs and networks is basic to managing a secure business in today's environment. This is achieved using keypads, mag stripe readers, proximity readers and biometric devices.

With the cost of proximity and smart cards coming down, the magnetic swipe card is not seen nearly as often as it used to be. Proximity cards, which only need to pass close to the reader, have far less wear than swipe cards. 

There are also various time and attendance packages that interface with these systems. The consolidation of multiple security credentials into a single secure smart card with a choice of authentication procedures is now possible.

Access Control Keypad

Access Control

Our systems can control almost any type of access control equipment used to restrict people or vehicles.

  • Locks
  • Internal doors
  • External doors
  • Turnstiles
  • Gates
  • Car-park and Traffic barriers

The means of controlling access includes a keypad (or Pinpad) a hand-held proximity card or smart card, a radio remote opener, a finger reader or a facial recognition reader.

Authentication may be: -

  1. A known factor such as password or keyword.
  2. An owned factor such as a Smart card.
  3. An intrinsic factor such as a fingerprint or biometric device
  4. Where practical any two of the above.

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