DKS Access Control Upgrades

We specialise in upgrading older access control systems. Many of the older access systems have come to the end of their life and parts and support are no longer available. We can upgrade the Australian DKS building management systems (such as the DKS Strata 8) which are no longer supported, to a new system.

Lift Control

We can install lift control with almost any of our access control systems. This may involve the simple locking out of the lift call button, or maybe a more sophisticated application, allowing individual floor selection.

Swiping Smart Card Access Systems

Magnetic Swipe Card Systems for Clubs

There are many clubs who still prefer the magnetic swipe cards. The advantages of swipe cards include the fact that they allow the club logo to be printed on them.  Also different coloured cards can be issued to differentiate subscription years.

If you are still using swipe cards we are able to supply a new access control system with software and a magnetic swipe reader that will accommodate your existing cards.  The transition to the new system can be straight forward and seamless.

Traffic Light Car Park Control Systems

Counting vehicles into and out of car parks and areas.  We can count vehicle movements in two ways.

  • We can count using the proximity card and track the total number of vehicles in an area. It may be that when the number on site reaches a limit no further vehicles will be admitted or it may be that a sign is illuminated that states that the car park is full.
  • We can count vehicles using in-ground magnetic loops and PLC technology. This is applicable if you do not require or desire an access control card system and users are not a discrete user group. It is easy to output the status to a sign or a traffic light system, as required.

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