GE TECOM Challenger Alarm and Access Control System

Tecom is installed in commercial and industrial sites throughout New Zealand and is an industry standard.

The Tecom alarm was originally introduced in 1989 and was first used in schools by the Ministry of Education. The Tecom Challenger is now to be found in thousands of schools in New Zealand. Tecom is an extremely robust and stable system.

The Titan Software supplied with the Tecom provides ease of card management. Simple memory expansion is added to cater for up to 11,599 users on a site.

Titan software has been included and provides for all management, control and logging functions. It accommodates time zone differences and system status reports. This is a very sophisticated package that will meet all user needs. There are even integrated user trace facilities. The Titan includes a flexible database, a history facility and a logging and reporting schedule.

It is possible to back-up and archive both the database and the history records. There are extensive reports available and all reports can be sent to the screen or to a printer (if available) or to a file. Additional reports can be tailored to requirements and there are 20 user-definable fields. The history reports can also be customised. The number of operators is not limited and it is possible to define specific access levels for each operator.

The panel can be accessed by direct connection or via the modem using the dial up/dial in facility. This allows full upload and download capabilities, and access to all programming and other modes. Alarm functions can be accessed, monitoring settings and control using the graphics maps. There is multi-user, windows, networkable software available. There is also a Titan multi-user networkable node licence where the user licences each node. There is the ability to design the card and the card layout and then create a template in the Titan software.

Muster reporting is also available.

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